Advantages of Taking Eurycoma Longifolia for Improved Sexual Performance and Other Benefits

An extract from the Southeast Asian plant Eurycoma longifolia, commonly called Tongkat Ali, is an herbal testosterone booster recognized as an aphrodisiac for men. It also helps in the effort to build muscle and burn fat through exercise. Research has confirmed that the herb reduces some of the negative effects of stress, including feelings of tension and anger. It does this by blocking excess production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Age Considerations

Older men are more likely than younger men to experience significant benefits when including this extract in a supplement regimen. That’s because testosterone naturally decreases with age, so levels of this hormone are usually in the normal range for young adults. It’s older men who tend to experience problems with libido and sexual performance, weight gain and a lower amount of energy in general. The supplement can’t turn back the clock, but it can help men feel younger and revitalized.

The Discretion Advantage

One advantage of using Eurycoma longifolia compared with a prescription drug for improved sexual performance is discretion. A man can buy this herbal product for a broad range of reasons. Nobody will know the specific reason why the container is there in the medicine cabinet or on the counter.

Other Health Benefits

Youthful levels of testosterone are associated with many health benefits that are not directly tied to the hormone. For instance, increased energy can motivate older men to get more exercise. That prevents weight gain and other health issues connected with a sedentary lifestyle. One study found that men with heart disease who increased their levels of this male hormone also increased the distance they could easily walk by more than 30 percent.

General Information

The positive aspects of the herb usually are not noticeable for two or three weeks. Herbal substances tend to work more gradually than synthetic drugs do.

The main side effect reported is mild insomnia. Also, some individuals experience more restlessness when they first start taking it. That’s because Eurycoma longifolia is an energizing herb. Taking it at the start of the person’s day instead of later on typically prevents problems with sleep.