A Unique Mattress Store in Idaho Falls

Most mattress stores have maybe a dozen full mattresses on display and then just small sections of other sizes for customers to feel and judge the firmness. That is fine if one of the full displays has the type of mattress the customer wants and needs. Customers can take off their shoes and lie down on those to be sure they have the support desired. If none of those few are quite right, customers have to speculate about the other offerings and try to pick the best option.

All Mattresses on Display

Since proper sleep is essential to overall health and well-being, there is a mattress store in idaho falls that has all types of mattresses available on display. The showroom is designed to encourage customers to try out as many beds as they desire. Experienced staff are available to answer any questions and provide selection assistance if wanted. There are many options from which to choose.


The major brand in the store is from the Sleepinc manufacturer that has been making mattresses in the USA for over forty years. The full line of collections are offered, including body contour, complete comfort, and double-sided lines. Ninety-five percent of everything on sale is in stock, which means fast delivery. Special pieces of furniture can be ordered, and two custom furniture lines are available as well.

The Rest of the House

Instead of having to travel to several different stores to furnish and decorate the home, this unique mattress store also carries furniture, decor, and accessories for every room in the house. One trip is all it takes to renovate an existing home or furnish a newly constructed one. That saves time, money, hassle, and stress. The decor found is not the boring department store variety. Interesting and creative pieces are available such as one would expect to find in a designer store in a big city.

That all sounds expensive, but it is not. Pricing is competitive with other mattress, furniture, and decor stores in that area. Customers do not need to take out a loan to have stunning furniture, the right mattress, and innovative decor. Stop in to see the difference and compare prices.