Three Important Considerations When Buying A Mattress To Combat Back Pain

Back pain is often debilitating, and a restful night’s sleep is key to keeping discomfort at a minimum. The problem is that individuals who suffer from chronic back issues do not often have a mattress designed to provide comfort and the proper level of support. The following is an overview of what to look for when shopping for a new bed that is comfortable and adequately supports the back so any pain related to muscle damage or a slipped disc is kept at a tolerable level.

Memory Foam

The latest innovation in the mattress industry is the use of memory foam, which allows the bed to hug the natural contours of a person’s body. A memory foam model combined with a supportive core will provide an adequate amount of support and comfort and alleviate the pain caused by a traditional metal innerspring. The unique properties of a memory foam mattress may require some getting used to, but many find that they obtain relief after the first night’s sleep.

Firmness Level

Another important consideration is the firmness of the selected mattress. Those that are too soft will not provide the support needed, while those that are too hard do not have the contouring abilities that ensure comfort. A medium firm mattress is typically recommended for consumers with back pain, as it offers the needed support and will hug the sleeper in comfort, resulting in quality sleep.

Fabric Selection

Though it is not one of the most apparent considerations, the type of fabric used in the construction of the mattress is also a critical component to consider. The use of material that transfers body heat into infrared waves will soothe any tension present and allow the muscles of the back to relax while sleeping. This aids in the natural healing process and helps to minimize any discomfort.

Selecting the right mattresses isn’t easy, but a little research will allow a consumer to make an educated purchase. Be sure to go here to learn more about the types of mattresses available and see how technology is revolutionizing the way people of all ages and backgrounds sleep.